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Who We Are

We are technology driven professionals passionate about creating beautiful corporate systems.

Digitsy Inc helps enterprises making switch to Azure cloud, and those already building their cloud-based applications. Spend less time, experience fewer problems, and enjoy an overall better result building hyper-scale corporate systems.


When you start a cloud project, there is a lot of things to consider. Digitsy Inc helps you define technology, infrastructure, configuration and monitoring requirements for your system. Scale, security, backups, external connections - planning everything up front is important.


Designing application for the cloud means dealing with complex distributed systems taking advantage of loosely coupled services and data sources. Digitsy Inc designs modern architecture and UI for efficient business systems.


Even for most complex systems our clients desire simplicity and automation instead of complexity and manual tasks. For each step of development, testing, or continuous delivery Digitsy Inc uses modern processes and best tools, making it possible to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.


Businesses can’t afford to allow IT problems to disrupt or degrade their services. Digitsy Inc helps you establish efficient environment for running your application in the cloud, implementing monitoring, diagnostic, and recovery processes.

What We Do

SupercondActor Business Platform

Distributed Node.js microservice orchestration system for Microsoft Azure Service Fabric.

Removes Complexity

SupercondActor Business Platform hides complexity of Microsoft Service Fabric and underlying infrastructure, allowing developers who specialize on business applications to avoid being overwhelmed by cloud architecture requirements.

Reduces IT skills gap

SupercondActor Business Platform allows JavaScript and TypeScript developers to build highly scalable and resilient business applications and deploy them as microservices into the Service Fabric cluster.

Saves Money

SupercondActor Business Platform achieves much higher density of microservices in a computer cluster comparing to Docker containers, saving corporate clients money on cloud infrastructure hosting.

Better Infrastructure

Microservices deployed on SupercondActor Business Platform are able to use full power of the Service Fabric having direct access to each other and the cluster without added complexity of infrastructure communication details.

Power of Node.js

SupercondActor Business Platform brings versatility and support from Node.js ecosystem directly into the Service Fabric development process, greatly reducing learning curve and time to start coding.

Business-friendly UI

SupercondActor Business Platform provides developer-friendly and business-friendly user interface for most of the tasks involving services creation, management, and monitoring.

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Our Message

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By introducing SupercondActor Business Platform we make it easy for developers to use their Node.js, JavaScript and TypeScript expertise. Now businesses can have confidence in their ability to build highly reliable and scalable microservice applications utilizing full power of Microsoft Service Fabric.

Aleksey Solonchev CEO, Digitsy Inc
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SupercondActor Business Platform allows corporations to work with the talent they already have, utilize more advanced technology without additional investments in training, and save on recurring payments for their cloud infrastructure, increasing economic efficiency of their systems.

Svetlana Rayzman CFO, Digitsy Inc

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